Funding for those most in need: Providers hope Illinois can finally boost budget for disability services

May 7, 2021

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - If you have loved ones with special needs, you know getting them the support they need makes a big difference in their lives. But, advocates say families face a terrible dilemma when it comes to accessing services once people age out of special education services.

Lack of funding for the Division of Developmental Disabilities has left many in Illinois without adequate support for decades. With budget season in full swing, advocates want state lawmakers to help them with a funding boost next year.

Transitions of Western Illinois in Quincy helps people live in their own apartments or group homes. Mark Schmitz is the Executive Director.

"In other states, there's an adult service system ready to pick them up," Schmitz said. "In Illinois, you very likely are going to go on a several year wait list before you even become eligible for something as an adult."

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