Little City Direct Support Professional volunteered to quarantine with resident

May 11, 2020

When a Little City resident tested positive for COVID-19 in April, the call immediately went out to find a staff member willing to take on the challenge of providing 24/7 care for the length of the quarantine.

The Direct Support Professional who answered that call was David Kim, which came as no surprise to his supervisor, LaCresha Everett.

"I absolutely love David's drive, and he was very courageous," Everett said. "David is like a four-leaf clover, very hard to find and very lucky to have."

When Kim put his name in for consideration, he wasn't sure he would get the assignment considering he had been at Little City for just under a year. But on Tuesday, April 7, Kim received a call asking if he was ready, and he knew then he was about to embark on an entirely new experience from what he had grown accustomed to during his first year on the job.

Kim said the magnitude of quarantining with a resident did not sink in until he was handed a special N95 mask for additional protection against the virus.

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