Please call every member of this budget group right now and tell them that the State budget MUST increase DSP wages.

Title First Name Last Name Phone Number
Sen. Omar Aquino 866-471-4696
Sen. Don Harmon 866-470-8645
Sen. Dale Righter 866-462-9165
Sen. Chapin Rose 866-467-0716
Sen. Heather Steans 866-465-1226
Sen. Dave Syverson 866-468-4198
Rep. Dan Brady 866-473-0788
Rep. Tom Demmer 866-467-2114
Rep.  Norine Hammond 866-471-6889
Rep. Robyn Gabel 866-464-4629
Rep. Greg Harris 866-464-5584
Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth 866-472-0175